Ruby provides live virtual receptionist and chat services for small businesses across the USA. They are the industry leader and have a strong internal culture. Their employees love what they do and this is reflected in their services. Yet their identity system, while reflecting their uber positivity, didn’t reveal the modern, inclusive, tech-forward company Ruby had become. Studio DAD developed the new brand identity and I was lucky to be part of the process. View the full project on their site:

Their new brand identity encapsulates their values and communicates positivity and modern tech. I took part in the visual concept development and the design of the new visual identity. I participated in creating the new typography, color palette, graphic elements, photo and video art direction.

The new brand identity has been infused into every part of the company. Ruby still feels like Ruby, only with a little glow-up.

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Type Five Studio is run by Seán Donohoe out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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